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RIP Innuendo

Arashel a posted Jun 11, 13
Innuendo has decided to discontinue raiding as of 10/06/2013. We would like to thank everyone that we have had the opportunity to meet or raid together with for a lot of good memories and wish you all much love and best of luck. We would also like to thank the whole Defias Brotherhood community for the support and understanding.

R.I.P. Innuendo 2009-2013

It has been a great time. It really has.


Raeyna posted Jun 4, 13
After not having any updates here, enjoy this piece of paint art I made myself!

Sha of Feels down!

Chiye a posted Mar 3, 13
Sha of Feels
Well after some fun times in there.. some results!

Heart of Fear 6/6 HC!

Chiye a posted Jan 14, 13
Empressive! ;)


Heart of Fear 5/6 HC!

Chiye a posted Jan 6, 13

Heart of Fear 4/6 HC!

Chiye a posted Dec 17, 12
Vizer Zor'lok down!


Heart of Fear 3/6 HC!

Chiye a posted Dec 3, 12
So we came to this..